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Traditional multimedia computer lab facing many challenges, such as need provide a convenient teaching environment for teacher, manage using standard of student and also need quickly restore the using environment when error occur.Thinputer specifically for actual needs of education and launched Thinputer OVD desktop virtualization platform for the  computer lab overall solution.
Waste of hardware resources
Teaching methods continuous update, normal PC's hardware need to eliminate & re-purchase. Thus make the PC into the cycle of purchase & eliminate.
Low security
All PC in a LAN, the student does not using the Internet regularly which will easily infected with Trojan virus and affects the operation of the entire LAN
Inconvenience Operation and management
Using "ghost" to restore system, need switching desktop for different classes need. Using restore card to solve machine failure will easily get blue screen and cannot retain the virus database and patch upgrades.
High energy consumption
Normal desktop PC requires a large amount of power consumption, energy saving is not well
Low scalability
Once the computer lab needs expansion, you need to purchase PC again, long construction period, Low scalability.
Thinputer OVD platform desktop virtualization technology, Using customized hardware platform, fully integrated server resources, replace the traditional PC with thinclient and truly zero maintenance.
Desktop virtualization: Terminal using thin client instead of the traditional PC. thinclient has no hard drive, all the data is store on Thinputer OVD server. When log on to the server, server will send a well prepare desktop and set of application to thinclient and receives mouse click and keyboard stroke from thinclient to operate. All operation was done in server and sent back the result as image to thinclient. All of the upgrade, management and maintenance are concentrated on the server side.
Customer Benefits
Thinputer OVD desktop virtualization platform provide a high integrated, high performance and high availability platform to let operations and management on computer lab become more convenience.
Save on hardware resources
Thinputer OVD server centralized computing resources and quickly migrate virtual machines to ensure high availability for each desktop.
High Security
Each virtual machine are run independently. If one of the machines was failure or infected, it does not affect other virtual machine
Centralized management,zero maintenance
Deploy a new desktop in a minute. Restore, update, easy recovery, patch update to all desktop in few click.
Energy-saving and noise less
Thin client, compact size, low power consumption, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection.
Rapid expansion
Adding resources, equipment, storage to Thinputer OVD platform, you can expand number of desktops easily.
Thinputer OVD is management console is Web-based design; you can manage it anytime, anywhere, with any terminal.
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