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By deploying Thinputer Education cloud platform, we can centralized manage campus IT infrastructure and provide full portability on teaching, a innovative teaching concept applied , so that teachers can be more flexible and efficient conduct teaching and further increase development of information technology in education.
General problem in traditional PC 锛
Need to continuously apply Patch & Upgrade on OS, applications
Maintenance and anti-virus
Every 3-5 years need upgrading hardware, huge investment 
PC fan make noise, high power consumption
Special requirements for teacher锛
Teacher will need more complex environment, beside usual teaching, they also need prepare teaching material, lesson plans, self-learning, trial software etc. So they will need high ability on personalize desktop environment and requires higher permission on installation and removal of application software.
Full access on internet
Need bigger personal data storage
Solution Introduction
Thinputer cloud terminal and desktop virtualization can meet current customer requirements & needs.
Customer Benefits
Cloud terminal more compact, look nice and zero maintenance
Anytime, anywhere access to virtual desktops
Fully personalized
Centralized management
Flexible expansion on hardware resources
Teacher PC
Existing teacher PC characteristics锛
    Teachers PC distributed within all classrooms on every floor, daily management and maintenance was huge
    Need compatible with those educational software and teaching scenarios. Each teacher will need to run different software programs in different environment.
    Frequently used restore card, will cause virus database and software cannot update, often blue screen, affecting the daily operation.
    Using portable storage to share teaching material.
    Current PC performance is better and not suitable replace it to cloud terminal
Solution Introduction
    According characteristics and requirements above, we using existing teacher PC install client software to connect education cloud platform.
    Every teacher will have their own account and this account is tight to their own desktop. Teacher can login their account at any of the teacher PC to retrieve their own desktop.
Customer Benefit 
Can access own desktop at anywhere. Desktop, application and all data is following teacher to every classroom just like a cloud desktop.
Using existing PC as client to connect Education cloud platform
Maintenance & management
Traditional PC characteristic:
    If teaching application having problem, reinstall the application need half an hour, this will interrupt daily operation
    PC hardware problem, replacement parts need 10~20 minutes, and the current data maybe lost directly.
    Need half day of time to provide a new PC and corresponding operating systems, software for new recruits teacher.
    Office relocation need move the entire PC, need at least one day of time.
    Regarding characteristics above, teacher PC and student pc can transform to desktop virtualization solutions, all PC can be centralize manage and software upgrade.
Customer Benefit 
    Reinstall a system only needs to perform a clone operation and time needed is 1 minute only
    Cloud terminal is compact size, not easy to damage; the failure rate is below 10% of the PC failure rate. Replacement also is convenient; direct plug in to a backup device will do.
    Deploy a new desktop for new recruits teacher only need about 10 minutes to be done.
    Office relocation, as long as the destination offices have Cloud terminal then able connect to own desktop without shifting anything. If need added new PC, we just need to move Cloud terminal and the weight of Cloud terminal is 1% of traditional PC, Greatly reduce the difficulty on shifting.


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