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Thinputer launched a one-stop solution for desktop cloud platform - Thinputer OVD solution provides flexible desktop support service and rapid respond ability.


Complicated desktop management occupies a lot of manpower and support costs.

Due to the data store on every single machine, data leakage protection becomes more complicated.

Business expansion and branches increase will cause desktop & application management work more complex.

Higher requirements on desktop usability, compatibility and security.

Costs of it continue to increase; traditional way cannot meet the needs


Overall desktop cloud solution is combination of Cloud terminal, virtual desktop controller OVD, virtual machine management platform OVP and storage server. Centralize desktop deployment on the server; all staff's personal data is stored on storage server. Then through the network quickly deliver personal desktop to employees, employees can login through a variety of different types of terminal devices such as Cloud terminal, laptops, and smart phones\tablet anytime, anywhere in office.

Customer Benefit

Significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs

5 years can save more than 40% of the TCO. Desktop cloud platform can reduce the 80% of the desktop online cycle and rapid desktop deployment, increase efficiency on troubleshooting, so that 1 IT administrator can easily manage more than 1,000 PC, greatly reducing the overall operation and maintenance costs.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional PC power consumption is 250W per hour but thin client only 60W per hour. In addition, thinclient is compact, no pollution, noiseless, we can build a green office environment.

Data Protection

In Traditional way, client interact with server directly, even VPN also encrypted on the transmission only. Endpoint data still not in protection. Office desktop cloud solution provide a new kind of interactive mode which have data security protection, all data will be stored centrally in the back-end data center, interaction only perform between desktop cloud platform and server instead of client and server.All endpoint devices such as laptops, thinclient, smartphone and others is access to the desktop cloud platform. It does not transmit data to server directly.

Office Anywhere

Traditional PC office location is immobilized and the current business environment is need to access to own desktop anywhere. The desktop cloud can better adapt to this environment by anytype of terminal devices, access to office desktop in any place with safe and efficient, so that can increase employee productivity.



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