Thinputer OVD 
Thinputer OVD is a desktop virtualization solution. Desktop of  Windows/Linux can be delivered as an on-demand service to any user anywhere and anytime by using a unique transport protocol(VDX), OVD can be quickly and safely deliver the entire desktop to all users, whether they are in the office or out of the office.
Users can flexibility to access their desktops from any device while gaining a true HD experience. By using OVD, IT Staff just need to manage operating system, applications and user profiles, greatly simplifying desktop management. OVD's open architecture allows users to use any hypervisor, storage devices or management infrastructure to easily deploy desktop virtualization.

 Three core components
1.Virtual Machine Management Platform - OVP
Create hardware resources and dynamically tuning server cluster environment. Virtual machine can be hosted in Windows and Linux operating systems and applications, can achieve a unified desktop pool management and performance monitoring.
Unique symmetric clustering architecture that can allow IT administrator log into any server to manage the entire cluster, doesn’t need separate installation of central management server, thus ensuring the high availability management platform.


 OVP Interface
2.Virtual Desktop Management - OVD
Work together with OVP to provide a centralized authentication and desktop management like control, create, update, restore virtual desktop. OVD does not depend on network conditions inside virtual machine and deliver virtual desktops to Thinclient in secure, fast, reliable way.
OVD Interface
Thinputer Thinclient, PC, laptop or smart phone also can become a client to connect virtual desktop in anywhere to use office application.
                   Windows Software Thinclient
 IT Cost Saving
Centralized server computing mode, significantly improved resource utilization, without repeating the investment on PC hardware, saving IT costs
Simplify IT Management
Centralized desktop management, unified create desktop environment, update, upgrade, no need station by station maintenance, simplify IT management.
Improve efficiency
Portable desktop environment, flexibility desktop roaming between different terminals, greatly enhanced and improve work efficiency rate
Data Security
Centralized data storage mode, unified storage backup, provide full range security with professional external storage device.
Energy Saving
Thin client, compact size, low power consumption, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection.