Thinputer TA300 Cloud Terminal
Intelligent cloud terminal
Thinputer TA300 cloud terminal is an ideal product to replace traditional desktop PC. It is using a magnesium aluminum alloy shell, compact size, noiseless, daily power consumption is less than 10 watts, an economic & environment protect computer. Using TA300 access THINPUTER OVD desktop cloud platform, can get consistent user experience like traditional PC and also provides additional security and extensive scalability. We can use a unified management platform - TMC, greatly simplifying the management of TA300 cloud terminal.
TA300 cloud terminal widely used in enterprise, government, healthcare, ISP, finance, education and other industries. System operation, upgrade and maintenance, data storage is done on the server side, improved security and ease of management, reducing the workload of desktop maintenance.
Intelligent Status Indicators 
TA300 design five indicator on the panel, users view the real-time status of network, cloud terminal loads, user experience. When problems occur can notify the administrator with accurate information, greatly shortening the Recovery time.
Exquisite Workmanship and easy to use
Body surface is anodic oxidation and laser engraving technology, full of metallic magnesium alloy, built-in ARM A9 processor, high performance, perfect support for 1080P HD video playback; Android operating system, power on will auto login to desktop cloud, reducing user learning cost, easy to use.
PC Replacement
Comes with 4 USB ports, 1 HDMI high-definition video port, 1 VGA video port, audio input and output interfaces and standard Ethernet port, fully meet the daily operation needs.
 High Efficient cloud terminal management
Cloud Terminal Centralized management platform - TMC simplifies the deployment and configuration process of cloud terminal. Administrator can easily maintain thousands TA300 cloud terminals.