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Yunnan University

Customer Introduction

Yunnan University is one of China's national key "211 Project" universities , was founded in 1922. today, The university is a comprehensive institute covering article, law, market, labour, medicine and other disciplines. It is a prestigious university in China.
Lijiang tourism institution of Yunnan University faced growing demand for higher quality services to teachers and students. And they need to replace ageing computers to provide a more relaible terminal to students and teachers. They were looking to reduce IT maintenance costs.
Lijiang tourism institution of Yunnan University worked with Thinputer to deploy cloud desktop for 276 computers. They no longer have to install different software into each computer. Each time a user logs into the server, the system builds a “new” virtual machine. The new system also requires significantly fewer technicians to upgrade, thus shortening the testing time and personnel needed considerably. Most importantly, Thinputer cloud desktop can reduce much costs on IT maintenance and management.
After deploying Thinputer cloud desktop, IT performance improved immediately:
● Substantial time and cost savings achieved during maintenance and technology refresh cycles
● Improved technology for students, with flexibility to easily add functionality and capacity as needed
● Green benefits from reduced power consumption
Case Studies
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