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Software Training Room of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

Client Overview

Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology(SZIIT) is a full-time public higher education institution.  SZIIT has witnessed rapid development in the past 12 years since its establishment. In 2003, SZIIT was recognized as a National Exemplary Software College. In 2007, SZIIT passed, with excellent results, the Vocational College Education Evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, SZIIT was approved to be an Exemplary Vocational College at the provincial level and a Key Vocational College at the national level (NKVC). In 2011, SZIIT won the right to lead the construction of a national teaching resource bank for the country’s network technology majors of vocational colleges.SZIIT staff members are working diligently and pragmatically to turn SZIIT into a top-tier national key vocational college with international influence.


SZIIT’s all faculties of different courses are equipped with a dedicated training room to do the related experiments and training operations. As a priority faculty, School of Software Engineering use the cloud desktop platform as the new way to replace the traditional PC training room. SZIIT implemented the Thinputer Cloud Desktop in all 180 stations of three training rooms. The combination of switches and virtualized servers helps the IT team provide efficient IT to students and staff. Aditionnaly, Life for students using the computer has changed significantly.School of Software Engineering users can be at their best because of the management simplicity of the thin clients. The thin clients for the Thinputer Cloud Desktop solution require minimal management time, with the bulk of administration transferred to the servers, storage and switches. 
The flexibility of the cloud environment and the agility of the Thinputer Cloud Desktop is making teaching more effective. Aditionally, the Thinputer Cloud Desktop is convenient and save the time on PC maintenance and management.School of Software Engineering have won the top award for technical advancement in SZIIT for their cloud computing solution.
Case Studies
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